Strategy Journal

This weekend, we hope to finish moving all past Strategy Journal articles to the Institute membership site. In the past, just members of the Strategy School have had access to the Journal and its article archive. In the future, all Institute members will have access. Associate members will have access to all current articles. Full members will have access to the complete archives.

In the past, we put together the Journal on a bi-weekly basis as a single document, but in the future, we are going to be adding new articles throughout the course of the month and archiving old articles on monthly basis. We have already started adding new articles with this one on the future of corporate training departments during a time of economic. If you are a member, you can access all new articles simply by clicking on the Strategy Journal link in the Knowledge Center.

If you are actively contributing content to the Institute site, you now have a new content type "Journal Article." New Journal Articles automatically appear in the current Journal. When you submit an Journal Article, you can also post it to your Special Interest Group, but make sure you check the "public" box so that Journal readers can get access to it as well.