Sun Tzu's strategy is in our Genes

Here is an interesting article about research into human behavior in competition, but like most academic takes on strategy, it confuses violence with competition. The results of such studies can be interpreted both more usefully and more consistently within Sun Tzu's strategy instead of to promote a particular professor's (or article writer's) prejudices. For example, there is a marked tendency today to equate human competition with the competition of chimps, but chimps can only compete based on the choice of flight or fight, but as humans, we have a much wider array of responses and outcomes available because both sides in an meeting (i.e. battle) are self-aware and can reason a variety of potential outcomes, including alliances. No matter how obvious this difference is, there is a strong desire among academics to deny it. The money quote:

"Some of this behaviour could arguably be attributed to conscious mental strategies, BUT..."