Take Back America!

I have been doing a little strategic work for a local conservative organization called Take Back America. In this work, I tried to come up with a comprehensive statement of principles opposed by conservatives. This statement brings together a lot of my work here. The result was the following: We live in a world where the MSM and too many of our politicians are telling us: - that the more government can save the world while our freedom is destroying it - that we need government as our nanny but not to defend us from evil; - that we need more sex and less religion in the public square, - that terrorists bombs are less dangerous than businesses profits, - that every media-hyped crisis justifies undermining our American institutions.” These people are wrong. We call what they believe, in what we call "the Terrible Ten" 1. Government by the Insiders for the Insiders 2. The War against Your Economic Choices There are only two ways to organize society. In the first, all activities are controlled by the government. In the second, individuals network around voluntary exchanges of services. This second idea is the great American Experiment. If the insider elites are to benefit from growing the government, these free exchanges must be regulated. 3. The Fantasy World of the Nanny State 4. Spitting on the Military and Law Enforcement The growth of government and regulation of freedom is justified by a fantasy. That fantasy is that a sufficiently powerful government that can make everyone perfectly safe and perfectly equal. In the American Experiment, government’s role is limited to protecting citizens from coercion by foreign powers and criminals. Though those involved in protecting citizens are portrayed a brutal and violent, the truth is that all government can do well is coerce people. The only question is: Should that power of coercion be aimed at the enemies of citizens or at the citizens themselves? 5. The Sexualization of Our Children 6. The Crusade against Traditional Values If government is god with the power to create a perfect world, then all other religions must be false. Without traditional religious values, the shared values that unite society sink to the lowest common denominator: physical pleasure. Such a society sexualizes its children because it has no other values to share. A free society depends on religious values to control its citizens. A value-based society can depend on self-control rather than government control. A pleasure-based society requires government to control every citizen from preying on another because that is our “natural state.” 7. Turning a Blind-Eye toward Terrorism 8. The Hatred of Business Success A value-free society replaces traditional evil with “social injustice.” Social injustice is the inequality that arises in a free society because some people create more value than others. If men do evil, it is in reaction to the social injustice, created by successful businesses. All real evil can be blamed on “social injustice,” that is, the success of others in a free economy. 9. The Chicken Little Media Who Must Be Obeyed 10. The Hijacking of American Institutions Without the protection of God, the world is a very scary place. Every event portends disaster. The only solution is more government control. As the ultimate insider, the media trumpets disaster to promote the growth of government. Since all of the original institutions in the American Experiment were designed to protect citizens from government control, all of these institutions, from freedom of speech to each branch of government to the family must be undermined. The result is more power for the media in directing government and less power for the average person in directing their lives.