They Won't Be Here Soon...

What is your competitive philosophy? Sun Tzu taught that your core philosophy is the key to life and death, success or failure. We can talk about the philosophy of the West or the philosophy of terrorism, but the real philosophy that matters is your personal philosophy. The further our personal philosophies drift from the hard realities of the world, the more precarious our lives become, not matter how well protected we think we are by our society and civilization. An excellent article by Marc Danziger points out that we have taught and are teaching our children a foolish, foolish relatively new philosophy. From his article:
And the Washington Post carried a story citing students who had been in the classrooms that were attacked. “I quickly dove under a desk,” Clay Violand, a Virginia Tech junior, told the Post. “That was the desk I chose to die under.” Violand listened as the gunman began “methodically and calmly” shooting people. “It sounded rhythmic-like. He took his time between each shot and kept up the pace, moving from person to person.” After every shot, Violand said he thought to himself, “Okay, the next one is me.” But shot after shot, and he felt nothing. He played dead. “The room was silent except for the haunting sound of moans, some quiet crying, and someone muttering: ‘It’s OK. It’s going to be OK. They will be here soon,’ ” he recalled. “The gunman circled again and seemed to be unloading a second round into the wounded. Violand thought he heard the gunman reload three times.”
What is the foolish philosophy we are teaching? In the words on an unknown victim: ‘It’s OK. It’s going to be OK. They will be here soon.' At any other era in American history, could one man, armed with a couple of handguns, killed roomful after roomful of healthy, young men and women in the prime of their lives? Why did the people in New Orleans fail to evacuate, instead dying as they waiting for others to rescue them? At no other time in human history have people been so conditioned away from self-reliance.