Virginia Tech and Strategy

Just got back in town, but I have time for a short post. The tragedy at Virginia Tech brings to mind several strategic lessons, for both individuals and society at large. Since time is short, I will address one point of personal strategy and one point of social strategy. First, what should society do about this? It is clear what modivates people like the Pathetic Loser of Virginia Tech is the notoriety. What society should do, especially the media, is stop rewarding these people by giving them what they want. I don't believe in censorship, but I believe in voluntary social compacts. Everyone in the media should stop making the names of these people famous. The Columbine killers should be referred to only as the Pathetic Losers of Columbine, Loser One and Loser Two. So people like the Pathetic Loser of Virginia Tech can't look up to them as role models. People who emulate them should be referred to simple as Pathetic Loser Want-to-Bes. Let them have their "celebrity" being publically branded as famous pathetic losers, without a name, without a voice. All the psychological mumbo jumbo comes down to a simple rule from Sun Tzu: deny your enemies what they need. If what these people crave is fame, a voice, a legacy, society must deny it to them. Steal their name. Erase their memory. Pathetic losers all and forever... Next, what about personal strategy? What do you are face to face with an armed pathetic loser bent on killing you? Of Sun Tzu's nine situations, this falls into the last: the do-or-die situation, the deadly situation, the desperate situation. Sun Tzu's perscription is to fight with everything you have. But remember positioning, remember deception! Fall to the ground crying, begging for your life. This will both entertain and slow down the pathetic loser, who fines your humiliation gratifying. He will approach while you grovel or turn his attention elsewhere, because you are not a threat. When you get close enough, launch yourself at the pathetic loser's crotch. (Following Sun Tzu's rule for defending yourself against a larger foe: Seize a place he loves!) Even an unarmed, untrained person can create painful damage very quickly at the groin. If your head is near his crotch, he will hesitate to fire his gun at your head, buying you more time. If he hesistates too long, you can disable him fairly quickly, especially psychologically. Being humiliated is the last thing he was expecting in this situation.