Humanizing Terrorists

The new TNT show, The Grid, makes a point of humanizing terrorists and being more accepting of "different" lifestyles. But Sun Tzu teaches that all war is about philosophy. A nation that doesn't believe that its philosophy is better and can't convince others that its philosophy is better, will always lose the war. In promoting the idea that all philosophies are equal, television is doing its part to end Western civilization, the philosophy that created television. The terrorists have no doubt that their philosophy is better. They are using the seeming weakness of the West, its humanity, to try and destroy it. The real question is, where do we draw the line between caring about other human beings, which is big part of Western civilization, and defending Western philosophy? How can we say that we care for others when we don't accept their ways of thought and life as co-equal to our own?

It really isn't that hard as long as we draw a clear distinction between caring for people and accepting their ideas. Caring about others (a base Western concept arising from Judeo/Christian values) is the opposite from accepting the philosophies of others (especially those who specifically limit caring to their sect). If we really cared about others and if we believe that our philosophy is right, we would try to convert others to our way of thinking. The Jihadists of today understand this better than Americans of today. But, even a generation ago, America clearly understood this concept. No one complained after World War II that America was trying to reshape Germany and Japan civilization with American philosophy. We understood that it had to be done for the world's safety and that the Japanese and Germans would be better off for the change. And they are.

How did it get so confused today?