My Predictions: Another Chance to Get It Wrong

I was just on a radio interview show that won't air until October. They asked me to make predictions about the presidential election. Since I have already been wrong about the Democrats nominating Kerry, this prediction is easy for me. By October, it will be clear to everyone (not just me) that Kerry cannot win. Bush will win by about 56% of the popular vote and about 2/3 of the electoral college, but the surprise will be Nader who will get a lot more vote than anyone expects because a lot of anti-war Democrats, seeing Kerry isn't going to win, will register their true feeling by voting for the only anti-war candidate in the race. Strategically, thus far, this is not a close race? Could things change by October? Absolutely, but Kerry will have to establish his strategic position more clearly and take advantage of the mistakes Bush is making. So far, he hasn't done either.