Beginning of a New Beginning?

Though it isn't being reporting in the press because of the election coverage regarding the Swift Boat captains' attack on Kerry and arrests of the NY Muslim leaders, fighting against Al Sadr has broken out again in Iraq. Now, however, Al Sadr isn't fighting just the Americans, but the new Iraqi government as well. What does this tell us? First, it tells us that Al Sadr's position has been degrading over time. He wouldn't be fighting now if he didn't have to. For him, this is a do-or-die situation. Of course, this makes his revolt fight of desperation. From the small number of people involved, it looks like his supporters are down from hundreds a few months ago to dozens today. Worse, other Iraqis see him as a tool of the Iranian mullahs who find themselves increasing challenged by Sistani who is reaching out to Shiites in Iran to reject Khomeinism as a perversion of Islam. Strategically, this is difficult in the short-run, but signs of good things to come in the longer term.