Unforced Errors: Typical White People

Sun Tzu's strategy teaches that we cannot create opportunity, only use what the environment gives us. The secret is in seeing and seizing the opening. As usual, the Presidential race gives us a great example. In our discussion of Obama's minister problem in the context of Sun Tzu's fire attacks (notice how everyone now describes it as a "firestorm"?), we said that Hillary needed to stay away until Obama panicked and left her an opening. Obama has now left that opening. Let us see if Hillary notices. On a radio show after the his speech, he defended throwing his grandmother under the bus by describing her as a "typical white person." If Hillary is smart (and I think she is), she will recognize that he has created a huge opening for her. She should use that phrase in every speech from now on. She should repeat that she doesn't know what a "typical white person" is. She should repeat that she doesn't think her supporters are either "typical white people" or "typical black people" or any other type of typical people. She should say that she represents an America that wants to get beyond types and stereotypes. There are a hundred ways and a thousand opportunities to exploit this unforced error. If she does, she will double her chances of winning.