Unity and Strength and Losing November's Election Today

Sun Tzu defined a shared mission as the source of all competitive strength. While conventional wisdom tells us that size is power, Sun Tzu's strategy teaches the competitive strength is based on unity never size. Strategic positions are not points on the political spectrum. They are path with direction and momentum that is difficult to change. This means that winning internal battles that divide an organization are often Pyhrric victories because the organization itself then dies in external competition. For example, the Democrats are currently much more popular than Republicans. They are getting almost twice as many people to their primaries. However, they are also much closer to losing November’s election. That Democrats current path is leading the party toward such deep divisions that they cannot win in November. The Obama-Clinton split is demographically deep and growing deeper. It will soon, maybe within days not months, no longer matter who wins the nomination. For the last eight years, Democratic unity has been based on oppositions to President Bush. Unless that unifying force is replaced soon, the current split dooms not only their Presidential hopes but their chances to maintain the control of Congress.