Individualism and Positioning: The War Against Babies

Strategy starts with the idea that every single person on earth has a unique position and a unique set of goals. It teaches that we can work together when we share a mission, but it is our individual uniqueness and our individual human creativity that makes progress possible in an infinite number of predictable directions. This is the most magical aspect of Sun Tzu's Sun Tzu's strategy and the deep, vibrant heart of its power. It is also why those who believe in Sun Tzu's strategy must reject the idea that any elite can know what is best for other people. The world is billions of individual positions and billions of individual missions and billions of creative mind. Social engineers "fixing" the flaws of individuals through social programs, are, at their core misguided. This article that describes population control as a "war against babies" says it all. People who don't recognize both the uniqueness and power of each individual think that they are saving the world by controlling population, but they are actually destroying it. This is why social movements such as communism (mostly via starvation) and environmentalism (via malaria from bans against DDT and via starvation via fears of genetic engineering and energy development) end up killing tens and perhaps hundreds of millions of people in their clumsy, wrong-headed search for the common good through social control rather than individual empowerment. In the end, progress demands faith: both in our fellow individual humans and in the guiding hand of the universe (and its God) while destruction comes from fear of others and doubt in the universe.