Natural Systems: Stopping Change

Like most classical scientists, Sun Tzu sought to understand nature. Though he studied was human competition, he saw competition natural not a human artifact. Though human institutions are artificial because we create them, we do not create and cannot change the nature of competition itself. Whether we applaud it or hate it, one of the things that cannot stop is change. In watching this very entertaining video by Drew Carey ON Free Trade and Technology. I found myself thinking about the gas stations in Oregon. As gas stations everywhere were turning to automated self-serve pumps, the politicians in Oregon required all gas to be pumped by employees not customer thus preserving forever the invaluable job of gas station attendant jobs. Bureaucrats in China for a long time actually banned farm machinery to keep people on the farm for the same reason, While the state can stop progress in this way in their own little section of the world, time marches on all around them. Keeping people in the most menial, non-productive jobs may "protect" them from change, but it also keeps them poor.