The Power of Position: Justice Kennedy as America's Most Powerful Man

Science defines nature as a near balance of opposing forces. The interesting stuff occurs as the boundaries. In Sun Tzu's strategy, we called these forces complementary opposites. One way to leverage those forces is to sit at the pivot point between them. However, by leveraging this point to much in one direction, you tip the balance, destroying the power of your position. A good example of this idea is the current position of Justice Kennedy as the pivot point of the Supreme Court. In its recent decision on the habeas corpus rights of prisoners of war, the Supreme Court declared itself as the truly supreme power in the country, superior and independent of Congressional will, the President powers, and, most tellingly all previous Supreme Court decisions. The last is the most telling because respect for past judicial precedent is what separates the rule of law from the rule of men. However, if he continues to tilt left, Kennedy is endangering his own fragile power. For this reason, I suspect he will tilt right in the upcoming decision on D.C. gun control so that he can maintain his power. UPDATE: Apparently, I was right. Kennedy switched to the right in gun control to maintain his position.