A Proven Prediction: The Power Curve

For some time, I have written about how the "power curve" represents many aspect of competition situations better than the "bell curve" that charts controlled situations. Thanks to a reader, we now have some solid scientific research that verifies our observation, providing the first solid proof for a prediction we have made based on Sun Tzu's 2,500 year-old science. In June of this year, a group of researchers including Prof Neil Johnson, of the University of Miami, Prof Mike Spagat of Royal Holloway College, University of London, Dr Sean Gourley, University of Oxford and colleagues in China and Columbia reported to the European Consortium For Mathematics in Industry that the power law charted the nature of conflict perfectly. They even go as far as to call the power law "the law of war." Of course, we not only said that this is the case but go on to explain why in our contrast between planned environments and competitive ones.