Strategic Perspective: Food for Thought

Foolish ideas seem logical if they are repeated often enough. Sun Tzu's strategy teaches the use of analogies to support logic. For example, do the arguments about energy policy make sense in terms of food policy? Current food technology does a thousand times more ecological damage than any other human activity including using oil. Farming cuts down trees, plows up the land, depletes limited water resources, spreads dangerous chemicals, and intentionally poisons natural plants and animals. Using ecologically unsound food is destroying the planet. Every year, more and more people are eating more and more food, increasing the pace of destruction. Computer models show total destruction is only decades away. We must start using less food now before it is too late. We must pass laws to discourage food consumption. Developing new farmland must be prevented. Ecologically destructive processes such as plowing, watering, fertilizing, herbicide, pesticide, must be all stopped. If the price of food then goes up, we must punish the food producers for their "windfall" profits and jail food speculators for running up the price of food. What we really need is a government Manhattan project to develop alternative foods that are ecologically sound. Certainly if we only invest enough billions taxpayer dollars, we will find food that don't require destroying the earth. Until then, we must get people especially in America, to stop eating. This is not a crisis that we can plow our way out of.