Unexpected Opportunities: Our Strategy Radio Network

Sun Tzu teaches that we have to recognize opportunities and make decisions about how to use them in an instant. This is necessary because events creates opportunities in unexpected ways. For example, when Sarah Palin picked for VP, it turns out the Cliff, my brother-in-law, who works for us setting up radio interviews, used to be a next door neighbor of Sarah's. Using this unexpected event,  we had Cliff contact a number of radio shows on which I have never appeared, letting them know that he was once Palin's neighbor and offering to do an interview if they also had me on as a guest to explain the strategic implications of the Palin pick. The result is that while we only normally add one or two new shows a month (after being a guest once, I am almost always usually invited back every couple of weeks), we will add several times that number this month to our Strategy Radio network.