The Future of Strategy: Creating a Home for Students of Sun Tzu

I personally try to contact all the people who download our free copy of Sun Tzu's work, but one of my frustrations in that most readers don't seem to realize that learning strategy isn't about simply reading a book but relearning how they think about success. Thanks to our recent trainers meeting, I realize what people studying Sun Tzu have been looking for home, a place where they can get together with other people who want to master those concepts. I was recently invited to be part of a group setting up a local Seattle chapter of the Association for Strategic Planners. This meeting was setup by a local member of the national organization who happened to be a past president of the local Harvard alumni group. Why did this meeting take place? Because the Harvard alumni and another local member of the national group were encouraged to set up local chapters for meeting with people of similar interests. It is in each individual member's self-interest to get together with other people with similar interest to discuss these concepts and how they are applied in the real world. People don't need me teaching them winning without conflict. I have done my best to clarify how these concepts work and, though I will continue to do so in the future, the real battle is now on the ground level, people working with other people to master these ideas, share their knowledge, and grow their own strategic powers, and the strategic power of their organizations.