Games of Practicing Strategy

A reader writes:
I was wanting to know what sort of activities do you do that helps to refine your skills in strategic thinking.. Any particular games that you like to play? Since I have more of a hands on/visual type of learning ability, What good games or other activities would you suggest I do in order to build my skills as well?
In terms of games, I find that both Texas Hold'em Poker and Chess are excellent tools for learning about strategy. Poker is good because luck (Sun's Tzu's element of "heaven") plays a part, but it is human psychology, especially correctly interpreting actions, that makes the real difference in your success over time. It also demonstrates your own shortcomings in terms of patience and emotion. Chess, however, encapsulates the long-term aspects of positioning that you don't get from poker. Each move opens up new possibilities, which is more like real life. There are many other games such as ancient Chinese game of Go that are also good training. However, the activity that really trains you in strategy is business. I am personally addicted to business, not only my own, but learning about the strategic business situations of others. One reason I continue doing speaking engagements to corporations is that I love analyzing the variety of specific strategic positions that you see in business. When I first started learning Sun Tzu, I used it to analyze the strategic positions of the companies that I worked for. This allowed me to not only be more successful in my job, but also get promoted more quickly. Most organizations and most managers in organizations have a very fuzzy picture of their strategic position and Sun Tzu really brings that picture into focus. UPDATE: I should mention that there is a problem with using the word "poker" or "texas hold'em in comments. Gambling places are the worst comment spammers. Just enter pkr or texshld'm or something similar so that the anti-spam software doesn't reject the message as spam.