The Worldwide War Against the Elites

What do the new European bureaucracy, Hollywood, academia, the Mainstream Media, professional environmentalism, activist judges, middle-east dictators, and terrorists have in common? They are all forms of elitism battling against the freedom of the common folk for control government. It doesn't matter if the basis of your elitism is some personal fantasy of moral, military, or intellectual superiority. You know you are an elitist when you don't think that the regular folk should decide what is in their best interests. As a partisan in the War against the Elites, nothing makes me happier than the defeat of the new EU constitution in France, which would have put a non-democratic bureaucracy in charge of all of Europe. This is an old war, going back to the dawn of civilization. For most of history, the common folk have created new civilizations only to have those civilizations fall to the control of the elites, the aristocracies of the time. As the good common people fled to freedom, the center of civilization and culture fled to follow them. Right now, we are in a critical time. Western civilization is falling to the elitist of bureaucracy, Hollywood, academia, the Mainstream Media, professional environmentalism, and activist judges. The battle between democracy on one side and the Middle-east terrorists and dictators on the other is just a side battle in this central war. Every day, the battle lines become clearer. Red and blue state divides are nothing more than “big city” elitism versus “regular folk” common sense. Over time, it is easier to win people in the big cities over to regular folk viewpoints. Elitism puts too high on its exclusiveness to work well over time. Meanwhile, the good common people are finding ways to escape from the oppression of the aristocratic elites by opening new territory. The internet is probably the most important territory and the showdown between the blogs and the mainstream media the most important part of the war. If I didn't have an aversion against doing books that get outdated (my hangover from the software industry where everything is immediately outdated), I would do a book on the strategies of this cultural war. UPDATE: This article by Mark Steyn has more on Europe role in this war.