An Opening for a New Democratic Party

As long as the Democrat Party stands against traditional institutions from the church to marriage to the military to free enterprise, I believe that it is doomed. These positions amplify the voice of a very small number of Democrats and drive away a majority of traditional Democrats. It makes the Democrat charges of Republicans being "evil" sound hollow because most Americans do not believe that these traditional institutions are evil. The battle between "traditional Democrats" and the powerful minority that hates American tradition may be coming to a head. Senator Biden on television this morning (This Week) said that Dean, the Democrat National Chair, doesn't speak for him when Dean describes Republicans as "evil." Biden went on to say," and I don't think he speaks for the majority of Democrats." If Democrats don't stand against tradition and against "evil" Republicans, what do they stand for? I believe that their traditional role in American politics is to stand against large organizations (that is, the "special interests") gaining too much power in Washington. The appeal of the Democrat Party is as a champion of the "little guy" and individuals against the large and powerful. Historically, this mean the use of a powerful government to oppose large and powerful interests outside of government, but I think the future of the Democrat Party (if it has a future) is in protecting the little guy from the use of government by the large and powerful. Today’s George Will column about the government's persecution of Southwest Airlines from the time it only had three airplanes is a perfect example of how powerful interests, both bureaucratic and corporate, use the power of government against little guys. Strategically, this would be the perfect positioning against Republicans, who many see as abandoning the Reagan view of small government. It plays to the traditional blue collar base and to the new, rising generation of entrepreneurs. It also gives the elitists, who currently control the Democrat Party, a productive outlet for their elitism. Elitists are strong individualists themselves. If they can get away from wanting to control government for the purpose of inflicting their own views on the common folk, that elitism could do some good. I don’t think it is that big of an emotional leap for the elites to oppose the depredations of the bureaucracies (national and international), the ACLU, the and large environmental organizations as readily as the power of big business.