The Stuff that Matter's Decades From Now

I have been struggling to find anything of strategic significance in the news over the last few days, but there is nothing. Michael Jackson, missing girl in Aruba, even the political wrangling offers nothing that will matter a month from now, much less a few years from now. Meanwhile, something has happened in science that may change our lives and the world forever, but it isn't getting any news coverage at all, The first proven, cold fusion reactions have been created at room temperatures in a laboratory. The technology is relatively simple. This miracle is created with electricity using a certain kind of crystal (no, not dilithium crystals) as a catalyst. When I read this, it occurred to me instantly that this was a great use for nanotech to scale up these reactions to commercial levels. The possibility of free energy a decade of so from now strikes me as a little more important than the Michael Jackson trial, but I have a twisted perspective on things.