Questions about China

Good strategy is extremely patient, taking what opponents give you. While I don't believe most of the scare stuff that is written about China (such as rumors of an invasion of Taiwan), I do believe that China see the US as its primary rival in the coming decades and that its leadership is devoted to weakening the US. Sun Tzu is deeply ingrained into the Chinese culture. Most Chinese would never choose and action (such as an invasion) that is 1) likely to fail, 2) extremely risky) and 3) exposes its long-term plan. However, the Chinese leadership will continue to look for openings to attack and weaken the US. However, we must realize that China's people are very devoted to their country, but they are not heavily invested in its leadership. Most Chinese see themselves serving their country through economic development recently through acquisition of established companies, but unfortunately, China's Confucian heritage makes it very difficult for Chinese to run a modern company that gives a great deal of information and freedom of decision-making to individuals. Chinese leadership at all levels is rabid about controlling information, evidenced by their treatment of the Internet, and, again, these ideas go back 2,500 years to Sun Tzu, who clearly preached keeping vital information secret.