Positions of Slow-Motion Suicide

Lately I have been corresponding with a reader who thinks that the Muslim birthrate is the real issue in the War on Terror because of Europe's declining birthrate. I don't agree because Muslims will be welcome immigrants only as long as they don't support terror. Europe will find willing workers from Asia, especially India, and Latin America and stop Muslim immigration if they perceive Muslims as a threat. In this discussion, however, it occurs to me how similar the "zero-population" growth movement of twenty years ago is to today's Kyoto Agreement. The "green" concept of zero-population has doomed Europe to declining influence in the future and unavoidable economic problems with an aging population meanwhile, populations in Asia, Latin America, and the Islamic world continue to grow (with China an interesting exception). The result has been declining population and influence from these "green" countries. The "green" concept of Kyoto would do the same with economic development. Leaving the less developed world largely unregulated, it would do virtually nothing to stop greenhouse gas emissions. However, it would slow economic development and hamper the competitiveness of the West. Industry would simply move their factories to countries, like China, India, and so on, that are virtually unregulated by Kyoto. The countries that are foolish enough to buy into these concepts without seeing the long-term consequences deserve what they get, not a less populace or eco-friendly world, but one in which they are at a growing competitive disadvantage.