Only Transparent Democracies Can Govern

Strategy teaches that all power is based on the use of information. Sun Tzu's revelation was that information, not physical force, was the source of all power. What happens to the world where the average person gets increasing access to the free flow of information? We are seeing the answer in China. This article begins:
China’s rulers face an ongoing crisis of legitimacy. There is abundant evidence that very substantial discontent exists among its population.
It ends:
China’s leaders, in other words, are in a difficult position...Our policies should continue to aim at pressuring the leadership to concede more power and more benefits to their own people, thereby gradually democratizing. Economic liberalization will inevitably diminish their power even while enriching them in the short and medium term.
In a world where information cannot be channelled or controlled, only transparent democracies can govern. People are too well educated by simply living in a world with high information content to simply accept their fate at the hands of ruling elites. This is true both in China and the Middle East.