Sacrificing People for Causes

Strategy teaches you to look constantly for deception. What is visible is never as dangerous as what is hidden. For example, tyranny has killing millions of more people through starvation than through war. Starvation is the preferred method of tyrants maintaining their power because it is inexpensive and, just as importantly, because it can be hidden or disguised as something else rather than the abuse of power. This realization also gives us a useful way to understand the many forms of tyranny. For example, those elements in today's environmental movement who want to bad genetically modified foods are clearly tyrants. Like those who have doomed millions to death from malaria by banning DDT, those today who are working to keep genetically modified foods out of starving Africa are the most dangerous form of tyrants, because the results of their actions are largely hidden in graves in distant, hard to reach places that will never be on the nightly news. Strategy teaches you to ask about how victory pays? How does it "pay" those that propagandize against genetically altered foods to do so? Some of the money comes from agriculture companies who are endangered by change, but a great deal of the payment, especially for the leaders and elites in the media, is in the form of ego-gratification and power. Of course, we all want to keep dangerous technologies under control, but all of these technologies have proven to be safe. What we see here is not people protecting other from known hazards (though I am sure that is what they tell themselves), but people killing other people using the power of the new and different.