Uprising in Iran?

The current struggle in Iraq stems from one man, Muqtafa "The Bomb" Sadr. Who is Muqtada Sadr? Seven clans lead Iraqs Shiites. Muqtada Sadr clan was one of the seven before his father, uncle and two brothers were killed by Saddam. His age and his lack of religious training prevent him from taking over the clan and made him something of an outlaw. What is his Strategy? 1) Position himself as the leading anti-American Shiite leader even though he isn’t a legitimate leader. All other Shiite leaders (al-Sistani, al-Hakim) are with the Coalition. Excluded from this gorup, Sadr is trying to operate in the only area left: opposition to the Coalition. 2) Win the support of all who wish the Americans to fail mostly outside Iraq in Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah in Lebanon. 3) Avoid his own arrest and legal efforts to destroy his Mehdi Army. He figured that attack was his only defense. What is the strategy of his non-Iranian supporters? Hassan Nasrallah, a Sadr relative and leader of the Lebanese Hezbollah, succinctly put it: "We may be unable to drive the Americans out of Iraq. But we can drive George W. Bush out of the White House."