Is the Increasing Cost of Regulation a Future Political Issue?

The positions of the political parties on government regulation of the private sector once seemed clear. Democrats were for it and Republicans were against it. Clinton tried to change that perception by reforming welfare, but the increased pace of government regulation under Bush has really opened this issue up for the anti-Republican forces. According to this article by Susan Dudley:
Since 2000, the regulators' budget has grown an amazing 46 percent, after adjusting for inflation.
For a successful society, you want more and more people focusing their strategies on productive economic competition rather than leveraging the coercive power of government regulation. Strategy works in both environments, but economic competitive strategy favors the small, the quick, and those methods most responsive to meeting people's real needs at the lowest cost. Government regulation strategies favor the large, the patient, and investments in political power in order to get unrestricted access to the taxpayer's pocketbook. Nothing is less efficient than the government regulated and government run sectors of the economy. For a great example, see this post at EconoPundit.