Bad Political Strategy

According to Sun Tzu, all this "bad" news about the war and the 9/11 commission will hurt Bush. Even the normally solid strategic thinker, Dick Morris gets this wrong in his recent article. Sun Tzu's strategy teaches that it is basic positioning that counts, not issues. As long as the issue is the war on terror, Bush has the position that wins the election. Since the split in the Democratic party over Vietnam in 1968, the anti-military wing of the party has built an certain image of the Democratic Party that makes it unappealing in times of war. Kerry's own record on war is almost unimportant, but it certainly doesn't help that he was part of the anti-war movement. The sense is that Democrats consider other priorities--political correctness, cultural sensitivity, international relations, rights to privacy--as more important that defense and security. As long as the central issue is war, Republicans win big in Nov. Not only the president, but in Congress as well.