The Critical and Hidden Division in Philosophy

In Sun Tzu's strategy, a shared philosophy is the uniting factor underlying a strategic position. Though much has been written about the increased hostility in the political division between Democrats and Republican, there is a more important and less noticed philosophical division in the nation: the split between the Mainstream Media (MSM) and the new media of talk radio and the Internet that both defines and drives the deepening political divisions in the country. What is the philosophical division between the old media and the new? The MSM thinks that they always get their stories right and they largely agree on what the story really is. The new media thinks the old media gets the story wrong and doesn't know what the real story is. Both the right and the left agree that the mainstream media has become an establishment power player, more interested in pushing its own point of view than in getting out a complete and comprehensive view. This philosophical perspective was impossible before there was another form of media to provide contrast. The fact is that the new media provides a lot of new information that got filtered out of through the old media. While the old media will repeat the same story, pictures, and ideas over and over, the new media offers alternative stories, viewpoints, and images. You didn't see the pictures of abandoned buses in the MSM because it didn't fit with the story they were telling. As the shift take place, expect more and more stories to be driven by the new media, appearing there first and then making their way to the MSM.