Creating Islands of Stability Among Chaos

One of my readers, Will Brown, inspired the concept that what strategy does is create islands of control within a larger world of chaos. Donald Sensing, whose One Hand Clapping blog inspired me to start this blog, extends this idea in a wonderful way in his latest post about his son joining the military and going to Iraq. He ends the post with:
My son and his fellows are producers of freedom, not mere consumers of it. And those who only consumed freedom will one night lie in their beds and think themselves accursed that they didn’t serve with them.
We start taking our "islands of control" for granted when we are children. When we get out into the real world (especially if we have been kept in the womb of college for awhile), we are shocked at how little of the world is arranged to our liking. For most people, it takes about ten years before they recover from this shock and start making serious progress in their lives.