Bin Laden's Offer of Truce With Europe

Sun Tzu says "Your enemy comes to you in a conciliatory manner. He needs to rest and recuperate. Your enemy tries to sue for peace but without offering a treaty. He is plotting."
Bin Laden's latest announcement offering peace to Europe strong supports our contention that the strategy of terror is to win advertising and that killing people is just a method for doing so. Far from being a religious person, bin Laden's latest reveals that he sees the world as a marketplace of ideas and he is selling. He sees Sept. 11 and March 11 as "merchandise." Did he expect Europe to make "peace"? He was probably encouraged by the elections in Madrid after the bombing. However, what is his real goals in suing for a truce? In return, he wants access to the "vast media resources" of Europe. Since he only kills people to get access to the media, he is certainly willing to stop killing if he can get the media resources in return. He knows enough of the European media to understand how sympathetic they are to his cause. His mention of Halliburton makes it clear that he is well in-touch with the issues that are important to that media. Read our complete analysis of his announcement here.