A Test of the Religion of Environmentalism

On Earth Day, we should remember that environmentalism is no longer a scientific movement (which I support) and instead has become a fanatical religion. The tenents of this religion costs us 1-2 million lives a year and has cost us 30-60 million human lives over the last 30 years (see American Council on Science and Health article here). On May 28th, THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW, a movie on environmental disaster, opens. Its acceptance or lack thereof is the same kind of test for the religion of environmentalism that THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST was for Christianity. The two flicks dramatically juxtapose the basic beliefs of the two faiths. Environmentalists are motivated by their belief that humanity controls its fate and will destroy itself in the future. Christians are motivated by their belief that God controls our fate and has saved us by an action in the past. The success of THE PASSION shows that a lot of people take the humbler, more optimistic, Christian viewpoint seriously. Let us see how many embrace the self-centered, pessimistic view of the modern religion of environmental worship, a religion, by the way, that costs two million lives a year.