The Wrong Questions

In discussion of Iraq, people keep bringing up the wrong issues. The only relevant question is: are we in a better position to oppose terrorism with our army in Iraq or not? Nothing else matters. People who want to claim that Saddam wasn't involved in 9/11 or that since we haven't found his WMDs yet, our invasion was wrong, miss the point. This is a war. 9/11 made the country wake up to the fact that we have been at war for 25 years, since the attack on our embassy in Iran. Saddam had a WMD programs and used WMDs. The danger that he would give them to terrorists (and maybe did given recent events in Jordan) was real. Iraq was the only country regularly firing on American aircraft. He ignored every UN resolution. We had plenty of reasons to take him out. If you don't see how having a standing army positioned between Syria and Iran (the two remaining nations actively supporting terrorism) is key to fighting terrorism, you don't understand the basics of strategy.