Mission Accomplished

I am always confused when people (usually in the media like this CNN article), raise the issue of Bush speaking under a "Mission Accomplished" sign.. Wasn't removing Saddam Hussein from power a mission that we can describe as accomplished? If not, why not? I don't just don't understand the complaint. No one said that the War on Terror was over. As a matter of fact, Bush said just the opposite.
Sun Tzu taught that, in the most general sense, the war, that is, the contest is never over. Each mission simply advances our position. Each advance in position leads to new problems, challenges and opportunities. My goal is to teach this strategic view so that people can profit from it in the their everyday lives. One of the things I constantly emphasize is that when we reach a goal, the battle is never over. It doesn't matter what the goal is--winning a promotion or getting married or whatever you can name. When we accomplish that goal, we find that our problems are just beginning. That doesn't mean that the goal isn't worthwhile or that it isn't accomplished or that we shouldn't be proud of that accomplishment. It just means that life goes on and it is never idyllic. This is critically important because Sun Tzu teaches us not only to worry about accomplishing the missions, but in doing so, positioning ourselves correctly for the next set of challenges that we will face.