Terrorist Bin Laden Offers Marketing Class for American Business People

Some shameless self-promotion: The latest bin Laden tape demonstrates the marketing techniques that have made Al Qaeda into one of the best known brands in the world. My new book due out in February but available now via our website, called “Warrior Marketing”, explores how the methods of war and marketing are coming together in the 21st century. As I was researching and writing my book on terrorism, it became clear to me that business people had a lot to learn from the marketing techniques used by Al Qaeda. However, while Al Qaeda brings the techniques marketing to war, business people need to do the opposite: bring the techniques of war to marketing. The same methods that work in war are extremely productive in business competition, where the goal is to make everyone richer rather than poorer. Written for business people, this new book a combination of two previous books that have won award recognition “The Art of Marketing,” 2004 Ben Franklin Award finalist in business) and “Strategy against Terror,” 2005 Book of the Year Award finalist in philosophy.