Fertile New Ground for the Media's Attack on America

Rumsfield testified that there are tens of thousands of criminal investigations currently on-going in the military justice system. Can you imagine all the crime scene photos involved? The pictures of all the murders, rapes, and beatings that members of the US Military have been accused of fit perfectly into the media's script. If they can get this much mileage out of the abuses by six prison guards, just think about how much damage publicizing the possible work of another 3,000 accused suspects can do. The unspoken reality here is that the press is trying to portray the behavior in Abu Ghraib as somehow typical of our military's behavior and of the failures of this administration. Think of how many hours 60 minutes could spend on ALL the crime scene photos. Publishing that evidence, of course, would make convicting the real criminals that much more difficult but that doesn't matter, does it? After all, the press's strategy is to convince us that the real criminals are those running America, not the actual people that do the crimes.