Kudos to Fox News Sunday

For the first time in the media, Fox News Sunday listed our real accomplishments in Iraq: 2,500 schools opened, medical service increased by 100 times, electricity increased 40% over levels before the war, 15 million more people with clean water, sewages systems installed, hundreds of thousands of people with phones. To say nothing of functioning legal systems, a free press, civil rights and free enterprise that is unheard of in the Middle East. The lives of literally all the Iraqis people dramatically improved directly by the efforts of our 135,000 troops who are working on these project . Yet the pundits will say that none of this matters because a handful of soldiers humiliated (not tortured) a few dozen prisoners, who were those who had been trying to kill Americans. How does this make sense? One of the major premises of my new book applying Sun Tzu's philosophy directly to the war on terror is that this is a media war. The fact that Fox is willing to publish the positives and not just the negatives may be the sign of something new in the media. Update: Fox is also publicizing the marches in the street AGAINST al Sadr, the rebel opposing U.S. occupation. Try finding this story through the news services on the web and you will see how rare this is.