Hezbollah and the Media War

The terrorist group Hezbollah condemns the recent beheading of an American, not because of its barbarous nature but because it drives the news of prisoner abuse by Americans off the front pages. Though they say the act is un-Islamic to get the good headline on the article, reading further they reveal their real problem with the act: "The timing of this act that overshadowed the scandal over the abuse of Iraqi prisoners..." If Hizbollah really throught that this behavior didn't fit with Islam as a religion of "mercy, compassion and humane principles," they would stop supporting the bombing and gun attacks on innocent civilian targets, which is every bit as barbaric. At least the Islamic beheaders attacked an adult male and not pregnant women and little children like the recent murders praised by Islamic militants. This further demonstrates how well the terrorists understand that the real battleground in this war is the media. They need not be consistent. All they have to do is work on getting the most publicity for their cause possible. This is something that our government seems yet to understand.