When Senators Accuse America of Being Evil

As readers know, I believe that any strategic analysis using Sun Tzu's principles teaches us that the real battleground in this War on Terror is the media. As the war on terror progresses, more evidence emerges that most reporters unconsciously believe that the American government is evil. Even though they can't allow themselves to say this directly or maybe even think it, it is apparent in their reactions to the news.
For example, Ted Kennedy said recently, "Shamefully we now learn that Saddam's torture chambers reopened under new management, U.S. management."" This statement says plainly that 1) America tortures people like Saddam. 2) The people who did this aren't criminals but were acting on behalf of our government. 3) Everything that patriotic Americans say we stand for is a lie. What was the reaction to this statement in the mainstream press? Was any television anchor or major newspaper editor offended by it? Few news sources even thought it was worth mentioning (search). The one NY Times story that mentioned it did so only as part of article about Republican attacks on Kerry!
I know Kennedy probably thought he was attacking Bush in the guise of attacking America, but both from his words and the media's reaction to them, I have come to the conclusion that just the opposite is true. Kennedy and the press are often unconsciously attacking America in the guise of attacking Bush. This unconscious belief in the press is transformed by the terrorists into very conscious war, advertised and promoted by the media.