The Ideal Election from a Strategic Perspective

Though I have worked for both major parties, my interest is not in one party or the other but in good strategy. Whoever wins the election must be a good strategist. Currently, the best strategy for the Democrats would be to dump Kerry right before the election and pick a candidate in an open convention. This would be the most exciting thing to happen in politics in the last fifty years. Either Edwards or Hillary would be the likely replacement nominees, but even if it was someone else, this change would certainly give the Democrats a huge lead following the convention because, as Sun Tzu's strategy teaches, surprise creates momentum. In response, Bush would have to do something almost as dramatic at his convention with even deeper strategic implications. He should drop Cheney and bring in Condi Rice as his VP. This would dramatically change the battleground, not only bringing in a woman and an African-American into the race, but making her heir apparent in 2008 (positioned to run against Hillary). This would create the most interesting and exciting political election in our lifetimes. However, it is up to the Democrats to trigger these events. If they stay with Kerry, this will be one of the most boring races in history, ending with a Bush electoral landslide.