Philosophy, Methods, and Logic

Sun Tzu teaches that our methods, that is what we do, must agree with our philosophy, that is, what we believe to be important. A disconnection between the two creates a logical weakness that opponents can, should, and will attack. Kerry is now claiming that he believes that life begins at conception. This is a statement of philosophy. However, he says that abortion should be legal. His logic is that he cannot impose his philosophy on others. However, this creates a logical disconnection between philosophy and methods. Basically, he is saying he thinks that it is okay if other people kill what are, in his view, other human beings, since, in their view, they are not human beings. By this logic, it was okay for the Germans to kill the Jews because the Germans didn't consider them subhuman. Kerry should also approve of terrorists killing non-Muslims, since the terrorists view non-Muslims as animals. Strategically, the degree of moral relativism is an indefensible position.