Relative Positioning

You may not realize it, but the Syrian "People's Council" has called for a Syrian boycott on the US. Unlike the news media, which just ignored this fact, an Syrian economist uses it to point out the inherent differences between the US, which can boycott a country effectively, and Syria, which cannot. He writes:
"What will the law [banning U.S. oil company activity in Syria] include? A boycott on U.S. goods that the U.S. [has already] decided not to export to us? Will we stop our huge investments [in the U.S.] and the flow of our modern technology [to there]? Will we prevent its citizens from immigrating to Syria? Will we freeze [U.S.] investments in our banks across the globe, and will we pressure our allies to increase the stranglehold on [the U.S.]? Will we accuse it of money-laundering and blacklist its banks?…If you want to hint at sanctions against the U.S., you must first of all be capable [of implementing them]. Today we must strengthen our ranks so as to defend ourselves from the actual dangers threatening us. We are not in a position that enables us to attack."

Finally, someone who understands the ability to attack depends totally upon positioning. Now, if only the mainstream media could get a clue...