Conspiracies, the News Media, and Strategy

One fact that all the conspiracy theorists get correct is that the news media gets it wrong. People like Michael Moore know that by attacking the press, they can increase their own credibility because the press is so often wrong. However, our warrior's rules explain what happens in the real world much better than any conspiracy theory can, and the principles of strategy are incompatible with most conspiracy theories because strategy teaches that events cannot be controlled and actions by groups cannot be kept a secret.
For example, the recent story about "plans" to put the election on hold in case of a terrorist attack is the perfect fodder for conspiracy theorists, but if you look at the story, you discover the truth. The new head of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, DeForest Soaries, sent a letter to the Homeland Security department asking if there were any plans regarding terrorist attacks aimed at affecting the election. Homeland Security sent the letter to Justice to see if such plans were legal (They aren't. Elections rules are set by each state legislature, not the federal government. ).
Here we have people doing their jobs, asking OUT IN THE OPEN questions that they should be asking as part of their jobs. But suddenly the conspiracy folk are talking about "secret" plans to halt the elections so George Bush can stay in power. There is such a contradiction in logic here. If people are asking questions that obviously should be asked about the future (war plans for Iraq before 9/11?), they are secretly plotting, but if people don't ask questions about much less foreseeable events (planes into the World Trade Center), they are incompetent.

If there is any strategy here, it may be the press trying to discredit people in the administration that they don't like by spinning the story a certain way, but, heck, the story is more interesting that way, so that is their job. The July 8th story about Bush's missing military records in the NY Times is a more egregious example of political bias since the Bush campaign itself noted the mission records when they released all available records at the beginning of the year. Like the Abu Ghraib prison abuse story, which was announced by the military itself in January only to become a media event throughout much of June, these are not secrets that are being uncovered by the press. They are public announcements, not "secrets plots" being uncovered by the press.