1.3.2 Relief

Sometimes I tend to overcomplicate simple things, in reading 1.3.2 helped with understanding the different things that was confusing specifically with understanding positions

Highligt Rules (1.3)


Article 1.3 makes things very simple to quicly make comparisons

Rule #7

Things happen at a specific time and place

Things happen with a specific person and group

Things happen with a specific goal/desire in mind

to make things more simple i can quickly think about relationships with others and events in this way :)

Script From a Video I made

This Series Is a series where we contrast Sun Tzu's definition of words, with our normal vocabulary. this is one way it makes it harder to read The Art of War, or understand what Sun Tzu is saying, because we assume that he used his words like we would. It is surprising to know just how specific, and consistent he used his words.

In This first video, we explore the differences between the following:







1 Major Point of Improving Our Position

1 major point of improving our position, is to make it easier to improve it over time.

we can see this anywhere, and those who are successful in "fields" we look at, we can see this in place.

those who are losing in any field we look at we can see the opposite.

in improving our position, we make it easier and more profitable to listen in the future

" " " ", " " " " " " " " make future aims

" " " ", " " " " " " " " make moves in the future

" " " ", " " " " " " " " make better, and more profitable claims in the future

It all Makes Sense

In thinking of what more to share,

looking back on the Strategic Cycle, it's really interesting how this all just makes sense.





learn your situation/find opportunities first, then you make a decision acting on them

act on your decisions, and claim credit for what you do.. done little by little, over time, its no wonder that

process makes successful people, in any arena.

SOSI in the open

For the Facebook Users out there, who would like to join a FB page with regular posts teaching the AOW with SOSI principles (if i made one)? upon that, i was hoping on putting entertaining short youtube videos that will be linked to the facebook page. we can teach others the Science of Strategy via social media, which Gary Gagliardi reccomends :) but i would like a team


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