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Ann Quindlen and the Failure of the Mainstream Media

A recent column by Ann Quindlen called "Follow the Leader" seems a great illustration of why the mainstream media is going bankrupt. Quindlen has written a long time for Newsweek, a dinosaur that is on its last legs. Her thesis here is that America's unhappiness with Obama arises because we are too confused to understand complex issues. Her writing then goes on to demonstrate that Ms. Quindlen is too confused to understand the simplest issues.

Seven Rules for Republican Challengers

Recently I responded to a thank-you letter from a local candidate for Congress, James Watkins, running against an long-time Democratic incumbent, Jay Inslee, by offering some specific election advice. This advice applies to all challengers to political incumbents, especially in areas that are traditionally heavily Democratic, such as the Seattle are.

A Question about President Obama's Political Position

A reader writes:

Gary - How would you analyse President Obama's current position in terms of Sun Tzu's classic five-point framework. Thank you.

Mission: Unclear and growing less so in every area.

Climate: Man-made global cooling.

Ground: Shrinking quickly as support melts in the middle and on the left.

Command: Blame game instead of decision making.

Methods: Both untrained and undisciplined.

Obama and the Wisdom of Crowds

A reader writes:

You have mentioned "the wisdom of the crowd" as the underlying mechanism for why group decisions and democracies normally work better. Aggregate decisions that are freely made give better outcomes to more people. How was this the case in Obama's election? At the time, and even now, I was and still am unable to see how electing Obama was a benefit for the majority of Americans.

Can you shed light on this?

Prospect Theory: A Logical Basis for "Illogical" Behavior

Prospect theory arises out research showing that people tend to take smaller risks in exploring opportunities and larger risk in defending against losses. Prospect theory says that people are risk adverse in pursuing opportunities while risk seeking in defending against losses. While researchers describe this behavior irrational, it does have a rational basis as a basic instinct for good strategy.

Newt Gingrich: Did he sink his chances at the Republican nomination?

Decisions that seem small at the time can have a big impact on stratetic position. One of the most fundamental principles of Sun Tzu's strategy is that we must adjust to changes in climate. We cannot fight the environment, we must adapt to it. Strategies that refuse to consider what is changing, are always doomed to fail.


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