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Relative Positioning

You may not realize it, but the Syrian "People's Council" has called for a Syrian boycott on the US. Unlike the news media, which just ignored this fact, an Syrian economist uses it to point out the inherent differences between the US, which can boycott a country effectively, and Syria, which cannot. He writes:
"What will the law [banning U.S. oil company activity in Syria]

How do We know When We've Won?

One of the biggest problems of the Terror War is knowing when we have won. It is not like the terrorists are ever going to surrender and sign a treaty. For us to win, two things will have to happen. First, Muslim groups and countries will have to do what the Salvation Group in Iraq has done, come out against the terrorist, threatening them with death and destruction. Finally, the press will have to report it broadly as a victory instead of something, as they do here, "bizarre."

New Methods in the Terror War

The real front lines of the Terror War are our television screens. Leveraging the free publicity terrorists get in the media, they make their own videos to guarantee more air time. Improving on their usually low-quality videos, terrorists in Iraq have recently released a mini-documentary showing how they work. Part recruitment film, part advertisement, the highlight of the video is bombing assassination of the former chairman of the Iraqi Governing Council, Izzedine Salam.

Edwards as Kerry's VP Choice

Kerry's decision choosing Edwards has absolutely no strategic affect on the election. Only choosing Hillary would have really made a difference in the race. Predictions by the White House that Kerry could be ahead by as much as fifteen percent after the convention at the end of the month are nonsense and Bush's team knows it. Kerry is behind now and falling further behind, no matter what the polls seem to say. The Democratic convention will not give Kerry any real lift in the polls, but if Democrats

Iran: The Next Step in War on Terror

Just finished final rewrite of my new book, Strategy against Terror, due on this September. Hope to get to printer this week. It adapts The Art of War, stanza-by-stanza, to the War on Terror. One of the minor conclusions that the book comes to is that Iran and Syria, as the only states still actively supporting terror, are the most serious problems that America will have to deal with in advancing its position against terror. though I don't make predictions in the book, my prediction is to expect active support for a popular uprising in Iran

Lies, Damned Lies, and Polls

Several recent polls claim to show the Kerry is gaining recently one way or another. The LA Time, New York Times, and most recently, a Newsweek poll all promote this idea. All of these polls suffer from the same obvious problem. All have larger number of Democrats than Republicans (35-24, 38-29, and 51-40, respectively). In a 50/50 nation, this doesn't represent reality.

The Ideal Election from a Strategic Perspective

Though I have worked for both major parties, my interest is not in one party or the other but in good strategy. Whoever wins the election must be a good strategist. Currently, the best strategy for the Democrats would be to dump Kerry right before the election and pick a candidate in an open convention. This would be the most exciting thing to happen in politics in the last fifty years. Either Edwards or Hillary would be the likely


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