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Seizing the Initiative in the War on Terror

Sun Tzu teaches that we must recognize opportunities when they present themselves. The recent beheading of an America by terrorists in Iraq presents us with a huge opportunity in the media war against terror. Following on the all out media blitz on the American "atrocities" of humiliating prisoners, it visually puts American values and terrorist values in high contrast. The American government should take the footage of the beheading and put it on Arab television as an advertisement asking the the Islamic world if they

Kudos to Fox News Sunday

For the first time in the media, Fox News Sunday listed our real accomplishments in Iraq: 2,500 schools opened, medical service increased by 100 times, electricity increased 40% over levels before the war, 15 million more people with clean water, sewages systems installed, hundreds of thousands of people with phones. To say nothing of functioning legal systems, a free press, civil rights and free enterprise that is unheard of in the Middle East. The lives of literally all the Iraqis people dramatically improved directly by the efforts of our 135,000 troops who are working on these project .

Do Comedians Know More About Strategy than Pundits

When John Kerry was nominated, I said the most important thing he needed was to start articulating a philosophy. Now, everyone outside of the mainstream press realizes this is his problem. NBC's "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno": "You know the difference between 'Friends' and the John Kerry campaign? 'Friends' has a theme." CBS's "Late Show with David Letterman": "Yesterday, in a Cinco de Mayo celebration John Kerry spoke in Spanish, so he has now failed to articulate his messages in two languages."

Strange Rumblings and Reactions

One of the reasons that Sun Tzu teaches us to avoid unnecessary conflict is that people grow weary of continuous battles. One of the strangest things I am now hearing is that many dedicated Democrats are getting tired of their party's constantly fighting Republicans on every issue. The latest Congressional hearings on the Abu Ghraib prison humiliations seem to be pushing many closer to the last straw. Though, personally, watching the hearings, I thought that most Democrats congressional folk were atypically restrained.

Fertile New Ground for the Media's Attack on America

Rumsfield testified that there are tens of thousands of criminal investigations currently on-going in the military justice system. Can you imagine all the crime scene photos involved? The pictures of all the murders, rapes, and beatings that members of the US Military have been accused of fit perfectly into the media's script. If they can get this much mileage out of the abuses by six prison guards, just think about how much damage publicizing the possible work of another 3,000 accused suspects can do.

Perfection is the Media's Standard for America

My newest book applies the principles of The Art of War to the War on Terror. One of the main themes of this new book, due out 9/11 of this year, is that the real battleground is the media. The recent media storm over American humiliation of prisoners is a perfect example of the asymmetric nature of this war. Real death, torture, and horror by Muslim terrorists goes largely uncommented on. Millions can die at the hands of the

To Those Who Think the US Government is Destroying the World

I received this mail from someone who firmly believes that the US government in responsible for every problem in the world because it is a tool of the "corporate state." One of the chief claims is that our government created every homicidal dictator in the world. I wrote a long response but the email that the person used doesn't work, so I post my response here.

Al Qaeda Recruiting in Jail

The reports that Al Qaeda recruits people in jails should come as no surprise to those who have read the Al Qaeda training manual captured earlier this year in England (see our analysis here). That manual makes it clear that, contrary to press reports, Al Qaeda considers criminals, not the devout religious, the best prospects for membership in their society.

Mission Accomplished

I am always confused when people (usually in the media like this CNN article), raise the issue of Bush speaking under a "Mission Accomplished" sign.. Wasn't removing Saddam Hussein from power a mission that we can describe as accomplished? If not, why not? I don't just don't understand the complaint. No one said that the War on Terror was over. As a matter of fact, Bush said just the opposite.
Sun Tzu taught that, in the most general sense, the war, that is, the contest is never


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