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Bad Political Strategy

According to Sun Tzu, all this "bad" news about the war and the 9/11 commission will hurt Bush. Even the normally solid strategic thinker, Dick Morris gets this wrong in his recent article. Sun Tzu's strategy teaches that it is basic positioning that counts, not issues. As long as the issue is the war on terror, Bush has the position that wins the election. Since the split in the Democratic party over Vietnam in 1968, the anti-military wing of the party has built an certain

The Confidence of John Kerry

How confident is John Kerry of getting the support of the media? He had the chutzpa to introduce a new Misery Index when the "old" Misery Index (combining Inflation and Unemployment Rates) is as low as it has ever been. If Bush had tried this, the press would have gone on endlessly about the old index, how Bush is trying to change the rules, etc.. When Kerry does this, he gets a complete pass on mentions of the old index.

Uprising in Iran?

The current struggle in Iraq stems from one man, Muqtafa "The Bomb" Sadr. Who is Muqtada Sadr? Seven clans lead Iraqs Shiites. Muqtada Sadr clan was one of the seven before his father, uncle and two brothers were killed by Saddam. His age and his lack of religious training prevent him from taking over the clan and made him something of an outlaw. What is his Strategy? 1) Position himself as the leading anti-American Shiite leader even though he isn’t a legitimate leader. All other Shiite leaders (al-Sistani, al-Hakim) are with the Coalition.

Al Qaeda Training Manual

I have been spending a lot of time this week doing a strategic analysis of an Al Qaeda training manual captured earlier this year and recently made public at an Al Qaeda trial in NY. I will be publishing my observations in a few days as part of the Strategist Newsletter, but for those who are interested in seeing the manual, here is the link.

The 9/11 Panel: Political not Defense Strategy

Right now I am watching the 9/11 commission and, strategically, this exercise is extremely foolish. Sun Tzu says politicians should stay of our war, for a host of reasons, mostly to do with timing because all competitive situations are highly dynamic, changing moment to moment, as contestants adjust to each other’s moves. This is a perfect example. This retrospective of what was done against pre-9/11 against terrorism is completely irrelevant to current situations. Position

The Media Creating Terror

More and more, I want to blog on the fact that "terror" is a media war. Terror only exists because the mainstream media gives continuous aid and comfort to these murders, encouraging more senseless deaths. The only reason we use the word "terror" is because the media promotes fear in the way that it reports the actions of Islamic fundamentalists. Terror is an emotional response, not an action. (Read Diana West take on this.) More people die from bicycle accidents than


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