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What do Terrorists Get Out of It?

The hotel bombing in Madrid gives the press another opportunity to get the story wrong. On Fox News, the conservative commentator, Fred Barnes, was asked “What do the terrorists get out of this?” Barnes )a smart guy) answered that the terrorists hope to discourage Americans from being in Iraq and start a war between Sunnis and Shiites. This is nonsense. The terrorists know that Americans aren’t leaving and that there is no coming civil war brewing. Recent surveys show

The Day After Tomorrow

One useful way to think about Sun Tzu's The Art of War is that if offers a proven, well-organized system for thinking about the future, not only tomorrow, but the day after tomorrow. For example, after the Madrid bombings, about 10% of the voters reacted with fright, switching their votes from the conservative party to the socialist party. Impending economic disaster aside, what is it that these voters expect to happen. Alright, tomorrow, (after June) the Spanish will pull out of Iraq. What will happen after that?

Will Kerry Explode Before Convention?

I just want to go on record that I think that there is a better than 50/50 chance that Kerry will stumble so badly between now and the Democratic convention that they convention will pick another nominee. Strangely enough, this could turn into a huge advantage for the Democrats in the actual election.

New Opportunies for Terrorism

Sun Tzu teaches us not to create opportunities for our opponents because they will certainly take advantage of them. What have terrorists learned from the effect of the bombing is Madrid? The reaction of the Spanish voters in doing what the terrorists wanted--voting out the anti-terrorists conservatives--encourages more terror attacks of the same kind. Expect more attacks on the eve of elections so that the terrorists can leverage our democracy against us. Expect more attacks in Europe because Europeans obviously react the way the terrorists want.

More Reporting Playing into Terrorists Hands

After the bombings, pictures on television show Spaniard protesting the Iraq War carrying signs with the word "Paz"(Peace). Is no one in Spain carrying a sign saying "Venganza"(Vengeance)? Do the Spanish as a people really think the best possible policy is to surrender to terrorism? After years of ETA terror attacks, some how I doubt this.

More Media Promoting Terrorism

Notice how the media always inserts the terrorist message into its reports anonymously by using the phrase "some say." Just heard on Fox News report of the Madrid train attacks, "some say that these attacks were in retaliation for Spain's support in the war in Iraq." Of course, there is absolutely no information on the motivation for these attack, and the "some" are those (in the press?) who carry water for the terrorists. The message is "terrorism is powerful, so we better do what they say," which give terrorists a great incentive for more actions like this.

Success in the Terror War

Whenever the media says that the terrorists have a success, like the bombing in Madrid, it is important to remember how this is a "success." The success is in getting media coverage. Terror War is a media war. So the terrorist success in Madrid is not in killing people. Those people didn't matter to the terrorists. The success is in using those killing to get free advertising from the media. Whenever you hear about a terrorist success, just add "in getting media coverage" after it and you get the real story.

The Boldness of Bad Strategy

Terry McAuliffe was on Fox News this morning attacking Bush for attacking Kerry "so early in the campaign" calling it "unprecedented" and saying over and over, "This has never happened before." Of course, it was McAuliffe who changed the nomination process to pick an early candidate making such early targeting possible. It has never happened before because a nominee was never chosen this early. Bad strategy on his part. Apparently, Bush didn't get the memo about Kerry being the only one that could legitimately attack during this extended campaign.

What Type of Spy?

Sun Tzu teaches that there are five types of spies, each positioned to attack one of the fives aspects of an opponent's position. Susan Lindauer was the most deadly type: what Sun Tzu calls a reverse spy, someone that you think is working for you who is really working against you. Even as she was being dragged away, she claimed that she was really working for America by betraying us to Iraq.

Marriage as a Pair of Shoes

The warrior wife explains why marriage requires both a man and a woman. "If someone sells you two left shoes calling them 'a pair of shoes,' they are cheating you. Two of something does not necessarily make a pair. Expecting pairs of shoes to be complementary opposites, rather than two of the same thing, does not deprive people with two left feet of their rights."


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