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Dean's Strategic Error

Dean's Strategic Error

After Dean lost so badly in Iowa, most think his strategic error was the "I Have a Scream" (YEEAAH!) speech. They are wrong. It was his reaction to the press attention that the speech WON after the election. A warrior learns to think of everything as an opportunity. Losing the Iowa election was an opportunity. The media reaction to the Scream Speech was another opportunity. The real mistakes is thinking and acting otherwise.

Tax Strategies

As tax season approaches, the Democrat habit of describing Bush's tax cuts as "tax cuts for the rich" will come back to haunt them. Too many people who do not think of themselves as rich will see how much money that they will save. This is a great example of how a larger strategy (positioning the Republicans with the rich) can produce a tactic (attacking tax cuts) that degenerates into a unthinking reflex. The Democrats are so used to attacking Republicans on this issue that they no longer ask how people will feel

A Strategic War on Illegal Immigration

A Strategic War on Illegal Immigration

Immigration is an emotional issue. Too many see it as a battle between good and evil. Problem is, they don't agree on where the good or evil lie. For some people, immigrants (illegal or not) are among the disadvantaged, so they deserve our support. Targeting poor immigrants is evil and racist. For others, immigrants (illegal or not) compete for jobs and consume scarce public resources. Encouraging immigrants is evil. For still others, the issue is only the illegality. Anything that encourages illegal behavior is evil!

Space Strategy or Spacey Strategy

Space Strategy or Spacey Strategy Bush's plan for refocusing NASA on a trip to Mars makes only sense to me. It is the kind of proposal the gets ridiculed among the elites inside the Beltway (see Krauthammer's column) and in academia, but it resonates quietly with large numbers of ordinary people who are hungry for big dreams. This is why Ken Silber's proposal for financing exploration with "space bonds" that can be converted into

Political Strategy In an Election Year

Who is the best Democrat strategist? By far, Hillary Clinton. Sun Tzu teaches not to engage in battles that you can't win. Looking at the current position of President Bush, she has correctly concluded that no Democrat candidate could beat him this year. However, she also knows that things can change at any time. So she is constantly positioning herself so that--if the president makes a mistake, leaving himself open to successful attack--she, not one of the other candidates, can win the nomination.


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